Simple e-commerce tools
for small businesses

All the tools you need to give your customers an amazing buying experience in one place and focus on building a business that sells


Your own e-commerce website

With a single click, anybody from anywhere in the world can do business with you on your personalized website design.

  • A website for you.
  • Easy to use.
  • No technical skills required

Track your income and expenses

Managing cash flow is as easy as looking at the dashboard.

  • View daily, weekly and monthly sales / income report.
  • Record and understand your business expenses.

Manage your orders and invoices

Sell your products to customers everywhere—on your e-commerce website, Direct Messages (DMs) on social media and in physical stores.

  • Online payment.
  • Intuitive inventory.
  • Instant invoice.
  • Order notification.

Understand your prospects and customers

Convert prospects and create loyal customers via buyer insights.

  • View and understand’s buyer history and behaviour
  • Automatically / manually label contacts as prospects, leads, best buyers and more.

Grow your community through discounts and referrals

Give your customers more value for buying from you with discounts and bonuses.

  • Send discount codes to specific customers and/or a group of customers.
  • Apply discount codes to orders
  • Create referral codes for customers

Process part payment

We understand if your customers cannot pay it all at once; so our platform has an option for payment plans.

  • Remind customers of outstanding payment
  • Limit how much a customer can owe your business
  • Help in the verification process
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All the tools you need to give your customers an amazing buying experience in one place.